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Wolves In Argyle is a dark alternative rock band hailing from Oakland, CA.  The project has been produced by the phenomenal Tad Doyle and the one and only Jack Endino, who also produced NirvanaSoundgarden, and Screaming Trees. This beautifully haunting project has been sculpted and in a constant evolution for the last three years by founder Dave Holmes.

Wolves In Argyle is unlike any band you have come across these days.  The music will speak to you and it will love your horror and your mess. And then turn it into true, unwavering love. Wolves In Argyle are breaking boundaries - they are creating music with integrity, cultural significance and raw power.  As veterans of the International Punk Rock underground for over 30+ years, they have been members of such amazing and cult movement bands such as The GITS, Oozzies, Naked Aggression, and Evil Stig (Joan Jett fronted).  WIA have risen bloodied but unbowed from a dark chapter in the annals of American underground music.  The basic animal instinct for survival and the human drive for passion coalesce in a band mission that is nothing less than a creative urge to enlighten… and rebuild a music world fit for the truest of spirits. 

Photography by Melissa Rivers.


Dave Holmes

Singer, Songwriter, Executive Producer, and Concept  

In Band: Vocalist and Guitar

Dave Holmes was born in Stockton, CA.  Born into a music family with his great-grandfather being one of the founding artists and guitar players for Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys (Country Music Hall of Fame inductee).  His father was a bass player for the Yellow Jackets.  He started taking vocal lessons at the age of 5 (off and on) and picked up his first guitar at age 14.  By 15, he was already playing shows with punk bands around all of Northern California as a singer and as a bassist later moving to guitar.  He was hooked on music and never looked back forming bands such as the Oozzies, Shootin' Lucy and Wrong Way Right - writing the majority of the music and lyrics, and playing with several others.  Dave started the concept of Wolves In Argyle in early 2013.  In 2016, he was signed to Street Scholar/Bungalo/Universal Music Group for a distribution deal.  The hard work and constant writing suddenly commanded a full lineup.  He finalized his recruitment of Wolves in August 2016.


Steve Moriarty

In Band: Drummer and Killer of Skins

Steve Moriarty was born in the Midwest.  His father worked as A/R at Capital Records in the 60's, working with acts like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, The Beach Boys and MC5.  He studied jazz drums with legendary jazz drummer Charles Mastropolo.  Steve moved to Europe and has toured in rock bands since age 17.  He joined the Iconic Punk Band The Gits in '86 and moved to Seattle in 1989.  He recorded with The Gits until '93 and toured with numerous other groups.  Steve later joined up with Joan Jett and founded Evil Stig for an album with Warner Bros.  Steve's discography is immense having recorded on Epic, Sub Pop, CZ Records, Broken Rekkids, Empty, Profane Existence and Warner Bros.  He moved to the SF Bay Area in 2004.  He joined the Wolves in March 2016.

WIA photoshoot bw-10.jpg

Joe Garcia

In Band: Bassist and Backup Vocals

Joe was born in Fresno, CA.  He was born to a folk guitar playing mother and a Motown listening father.  His grandfather played drums and guitar in swing and jazz bands after returning from WWII.  Joe grew up with folk music playing constantly around him.  He took classical guitar lessons in his mid-teens. Joe got into metal music at an an early age and eventually transitioned to punk in the mid-80's.  He is a self taught drummer and plays piano beautifully.  Joe has played in many bands that have toured nationally and internationally.  He has played in Clockwork, Naked Aggression, I Madman, Retching Red, Strychnine, Attack Disarm Takeover, and Moses.  Dave and Joe had previously toured together while playing in different bands and have remained friends since the mid-90's.  They also shared record labels with Industrial Strength, a short lived East Bay label.  Joe also appeared in the movie and documentary, "The Decline of the Western Civilization 2.”  He joined the Wolves in August of 2016.


In Band: Rippin Guitar and Backup Vocal

Josh was conceived in Los Angeles where his mother was born and raised.  BUT he was born in Santa Fe New Mexico due to circumstances unbeknownst to him to this very day.  He has not been back to Santa Fe since catching his first rays of daylight there.  His Papa was a rolling stone - touring as a rock, rhythm + blues, guitar, piano, and singer. Through genetic osmosis, Josh picked up killer talent as well. After getting his first guitar at the ripe old age of 17, he fronted and put out records with the bands Big Swifty, Zec, and Fire In The Asylum - all toured extensively throughout the United Sates. He became known for his explosive guitar playing and animated stage presence. It landed him gigs with such acts as 12BarFlies, The White Trash Debutantes, Living Room, The Heat Merchants, Betty Ford Explorer, and currently with Pet Rocket and Dead Hello. Josh is the newest addition to the wolf pack and will be slaying audiences all over the planet – his personal guarantee.